The INTEGRITY HOTLINE, established by Savola Group is a comprehensive, anonymous and confidential reporting tool to support employees, stakeholders and any concerned person of the company to work together to address suspected illegal activities, theft, fraud, corruption, waste or misconduct in the workplace.

The INTEGRITY HOTLINE helps ensure that employees and stakeholders can file a report anonymously (although we encourage employees to provide contact names to facilitate investigation) therefore, for the time being reports can be made on our portal at hotline.savola.com . Consideration will be given in the future to opening a telephone and email based reporting mechanism.
Management certainly does. Your reporting can reduce the potential negative impact of wrongdoing on the company and its people. Furthermore, offering constructive input may help identify issues that can improve business governance.

We must remember that corporate misconduct can threaten the livelihood of an entire company. Reputation is so important. By working together, we can maintain a healthy and productive environment.

Please report suspected illegal activities, theft, fraud, corruption, waste or misconduct or anything that may concern you.

You certainly can do this. Sometimes, however, employees like to speak anonymously and in confidence. In these situations, you may use the INTEGRITY HOTLINE. We at Integrity Hotline make sure that:

  • Your report gets to the appropriate people. That may or may not happen if you simply report something to your manager, especially when dealing with issues not under his/her control.
  • You have an option to report anonymously (although we encourage employees and concerned person to provide contact names to facilitate investigation).

A key ingredient to any successful hotline is to protect your anonymity. You may choose to provide contact information or to remain anonymous. In either case your report will be handled confidentially.
All reports will be treated on a confidential and anonymous basis, except in rare instances that require external investigation by relevant government authorities. Only those with a need to know will be involved in, or know of the investigation.

Savola chooses to promote ethical behavior. All unethical conduct, at any level, ultimately hurts the company and all employees, including you. Fraud and theft removes cash from the business. This is cash used to pay salaries, bonuses, debts and dividends.
Please remind yourself of the recent corporate scandals to see disastrous effects that a seemingly harmless lapse in ethics can have on a healthy company.
So, if you know of any incidents of misconduct or ethical violations, consider it your duty to yourself, your coworkers and stakeholders to report it, in line with our corporate values.

All Reports/allegations on the INTEGRITY HOTLINE go to a secure server to prevent any possible breech in security. We have to secure and preserve the reports to comply with data protection laws.
Integrity Hotline makes these reports available only to specific individuals within the company, who are independent from operations, who are charged with evaluating the information you provide.

The INTEGRITY HOTLINE reporting system is designed so that implicated parties are not notified until there is a formal investigation.

When you file a report/allegation on the INTEGRITY HOTLINE, you will receive a unique user ID called the “Report Key”. You can then go onto the online portal and communicate new information anonymously.

There is a help option for you to recover your password. "Report Key" cannot be recoverd, you will have to file a new report if you lose your "Report Key".

There is an option, while creating a report for the reporter to identify him/herself, if he/she wishes to do so.

There will be recognition for information received which ultimately saves Savola significant money in the future. This is another reason to leave your name when reporting.

As stated by the Chairman, Vice Chairman and CEO in their message, any person using the INTEGRITY HOTLINE can do so without fear of retribution and will not be victimized in any way. You have their assurance.

It is important to us that you see that we are taking your report seriously and dealing with it. We shall endeavor to acknowledge your report within a few days and shall post any further requests that we may have on the INTEGRITY HOTLINE portal. You may log in at any time using your Report Key and Password.

The INTEGRITY HOTLINE is managed and operated by Savola Group Head Office, which is totally independent from the operational businesses, like a governance umbrella ensuring good ethics and integrity.