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Savola Group Chairman, Vice Chairman and CEO Message

Dear Colleagues,

Savola’s Integrity Hotline
Savola Group calls for each of you to protect Savola’s values. Integrity is one of those values and is paramount to the success of our business. If you suspect any unethical activities or misconduct within the Group as a whole, blow the whistle using the Integrity Hotline. You have the right to remain anonymous.
The Integrity Hotline is a confidential reporting framework covering the entire operations in the region, managed at Group level which allows all employees and any concerned person to anonymously report incidents and instances which include suspected illegal activities, theft, fraud, corruption, waste or misconduct.
The program allows you to report online at Click on the Integrity Hotline tab and follow the simple instructions. This reporting channel is completely independent and secure. The reported cases will be analysed by independent professionals with experience in investigating such matters.
Please be assured that employees and concerned persons using the Integrity Hotline for genuine concerns can do so without fear of retribution and will not be victimized or intimidated in any way. You have our assurance.
Anonymity of a reporting person and a professionally managed framework are hallmarks of this service and Savola management is passionately committed to this initiative.
We believe that the service will open a communication channel for discerning and honest individuals, like you, who need to communicate any matter of concern.
Any information received leading to significant savings will be recognized.
Together, we will work to make Savola the employer of choice.
Yours truly,

Sulaiman A. Al Muhaidib


Bader A. Alissa

Vice Chairman

Waleed Khalid Fatani

Group Chief Executive Officer